Street Hypnosis In 1 Minute

Street Hypnosis is the latest “buzz” in the hypnosis world. It’s exciting because it breaks the old “box” that hypnotists used to be trapped in, and always you to take the power of hypnotic suggestion pretty much anywhere. There are a lot of elements in street hypnosis, but I’ll try and make it as simple as […]

What Makes A Good Hypnosis Pre-talk?

The pre-talk in hypnosis is pretty much the most important part of dealing with any client. If you don’t do a good pre-talk (please don’t tell me you don’t do one at all!), you’re really jeopardizing your chances of success. And don’t forget, it’s not just your own success as a hypnotist that’s affected; you’d […]

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind Part 1 – Popular Models of Hypnosis

When Josh mentioned that some of his subscribers had asked about The Automatic Imagination Model, I immediately thought “Great! That will be quick and easy to write about.” However, once I started thinking about where and how to introduce it, I thought back to where we were 2 years ago and realized just how much […]

What Is A Hypnosis PreTalk?

When I first got started in hypnosis, I went around to everyone I knew asking to hypnotize them. Most of the people said no, but a few of them agreed to “try” hypnosis. These people knew nothing about hypnosis, but being a confident newcomer, I didn’t feel I had to educate them on the subject. […]

Visualization – Why Size, Position And Color Matter

When we construct a visualization to use in hypnosis, we usually got a pretty good idea of where we want to go with it. We know the main points we want to cover, the overall path we want to follow, and we’re usually pretty clear on the beginning, middle and end (if you’re not clear on those, […]

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind Part 2 – Here Comes The Science

This is the second part of the Free Your Mind article about our work at Head Hacking Research. In the first part, I introduced some definitions of hypnosis, and we looked at some of the most popular models of hypnosis that working hypnotists ascribe to. In this part, I will describe some of the important […]

The Easiest Corporate Hypnosis Program?

In the field of hypnotism, we have 3 major pillars on which the majority of hypnotists focus their attention on. Two of these pillars are glaringly obvious; weight reduction and smoke cessation. These pillars get a tremendous amount of attention and rightfully so due to our effectiveness in these areas. Over the years, I have […]

Hypnosis and Systematic Desensitization – Does It Work?

Systematic desensitization… it’s long been used to help people overcome their fears and phobias. But what is it, and how does hypnosis make it more effective? Most people who have developed a fear of something have had an initial traumatic experience that started it all off. But not everyone who has a traumatic experience develops […]

10 Reasons You Need To Be Doing A Pre Hypnosis Interview

It’s generally seen as good practice to add a 20 minute slot to the appointment when someone is coming to see you for the first time, so you can carry out a pre-hypnosis interview I’m not talking about the pre-talk, here, although you may end up incorporating that into the pre hypnosis interview too if […]

Should You Use Scripts In Your Hypnotherapy Sessions?

I was talking to a good friend and newly qualified hypnotist recently, and we were discussing the pros and cons of using hypnosis scripts when working with clients. He confided that he really hates using scripts… but if he doesn’t use a script he doesn’t know what to say. A lot of us feel awkward […]

Head Hacking – Free Your Mind Part 3 – The Automatic Imagination Model

This is the third part of the Free Your Mind article about our work at Head Hacking Research. The first two parts described the popular and academic models of hypnosis, from Estabrooks to Wagstaff. In this part, I will review some more scientific data and build the case for The Automatic Imagination Model. Please read […]

Putting Lots Of Excitement Into Your Hypnosis Today

People learn hypnosis for different reasons. Maybe you’ve seen a stage show, and you couldn’t stop laughing at the skits. Maybe for you it’s clinical hypnosis, and the person to person interaction intrigues you. At some level, we’re all here because we think hypnosis is cool and a great thing to learn. But…sometimes, despite our […]